Monday, May 2, 2016

Results & photos of the Great Limerick Run...Sun 1st May 2016

The Great Limerick Run took place on Sunday the 1st of May 2016 and it attracted a huge number of participants again this year. In line with a lot of other races, the numbers were down on 2015. The marathon at 646 was down 20.5%, the half at 1820 was down 14.8% and the 6 mile race at 4880 was down 15%.

Martin    Doody        Male    1    M35+    LIMERICK A.C.    02:28:33
Peter    Mooney        Male    2    M35+            02:31:27   
Rory    Mooney        Male    3    MOPEN    ST. COCAS A.C.    02:41:50
Michael    ORegan        Male    4    M35+            02:48:01   
Darragh    McGuire        Male    5    MOPEN    AN BRU AC    02:51:43   
Ciara    Hickey        Female    1    F35+    BROTHERS PEARSE A.C.    02:47:03
Pauline    Curley        Female    2    F45+    TULLAMORE HARRIERS A.C.    02:49:09   
Dee    Grady        Female    3    FOPEN            3:01:53   
Rachel    Stokes        Female    4    F35+            3:14:37   
Dena    Hogan        Female    5    FOPEN            3:16:45  

Philip    Harty        Male    1    M35+    WEST WATERFORD A.C.    01:09:45   
Brian    Hegarty        Male    2    M35+    LEEVALE A.C.        01:12:24
Denis    Shanahan    Male    3    M35+    THURLES CROKES A.C.    01:14:09   
Paul    Moran        Male    4    M45+    RATHFARNHAM W.S.A.F. A.C.    01:14:16   
Finbarr    O dwyer        Male    5    M35+    LEEVALE A.C.        01:15:03   
Sarah    Mulligan        Female    1    FOPEN                01:17:41   
Aoife    Cooke        Female    2    FOPEN    YOUGHAL AC        01:19:46   
Orla    Drumm        Female    3    FOPEN    CRUSADERS A.C.        01:19:46
Nollaigh    ONeill        Female    4    F35+    LEEVALE A.C.        01:21:17
Hannah    Fothergill        Female    5    FOPEN    LIMERICK A.C.        01:24:10  



6 mile...

Photos...(Updated 23:22 2nd May)
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Anonymous said...

good run,did half,down in +35,but over 40,notice noone else is over 40 either,im hardly the only one,maybe there is no over 40 cat

John Desmond said...

The categories went up in 10 year jumps. M/F 35, 45, 55. So if you were 44 years old then you were put in the M35 category.

Anonymous said...

Bad mistake by Munster Athletics taking the HM championship away from a club outfit. The numbers and standard in the Munster Championship were well down on last years event held by North Cork AC........Is it a case that club athletes at the top end can see that this was a money making exercise and nothing to do with promoting athletics within Munster.

I can see a better field of athletes in the North Cork AC event in September.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is there results of the half marathon team championship?