Friday, September 16, 2016

Kerry...Results & photos of the Dingle Marathon & Half-Marthon - Sat 3rd Sept 2016

Catching up on another result. The annual Dingle Marathon and Half-Marathon was held on Saturday the 3rd of September in mixed weather conditions.

The top 3 in each race are shown below.

1 01:13:13 John Meade, M
2 01:16:18 David Ryan, M
3 01:18:39 Niall Lynch, M, Team Donore Harriers
1 01:29:40 Ciara Wilson, F
2 01:31:25 Joan Mahony, F, Team waterford ac
3 01:34:01 Mary Hannan, F

1 02:40:18 Eoin Sugrue, M
2 02:51:14 Sean Murphy, M, Team Trim AC
3 02:53:44 Denis Keane, M
1 03:05:15 Hannah Fothergill, F, Team Limerick AC
2 03:24:23 Catherine Sharpe, F, Team NRG Sydney
3 03:28:20 Laura Rooney, F, Team Merck

I'm not 100% sure what the full story is with the results as I haven't really kept up to date with them. Someone e-mailed me to say that the results were incorrect and that complaints were being removed from the Dingle Marathon Facebook page.

In previous years, the results seemed pretty ok and all of those are listed on the race website for people to see. This year, they used Titan Sports for the timing and the results format on their website is pretty dire. Instead of a proper list which you can scan through, it's more of a searchable database. Their website is so bad that the results can't event be linked to directly.

The thing about the Dingle marathon is that it is a very popular event which brings a lot of visitors into the town for the weekend. They have a nice website and some of the images from the race are great. It's just a pity the results service is so bad.

You can find them if you go looking here...

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