Monday, May 4, 2015

Results & photos of the Great Limerick Run...Sun 3rd May 2015

There was another huge turn out for this years Great Limerick Run with the following breakdown of numbers.....Marathon - 829, Half-Marathon - 2136 & 6 mile - 5742.

I was acting as one of the pacers in the Half-Marathon and from what I could see, it seemed to have been a pretty well organised event. On the half course, there were plenty of water stations although there was the usual problem of traffic cones on the road which were a trip hazard. Not sure if anything can be done about those without closing the road completely although that may not be an option as traffic has to move as well.

From what I understand, there was some issue with the medals as well as some of the marathon medals were given out to half-marathon runners and these then ran out.

These are the prize winners.....

Freddy    Keron    Male    1    2:26:38...€1000
Lezan    Kimutai    Male    2    2:27:08...€750
Tom    Hogan    Male    3    2:31:30...€500

Peter    Mooney    M35+    1    2:35:30...€150
Phelim    Glynn    M45+    1    2:45:35...€150
Tom    Quinn    M55+    1    Clonmel AC    3:45:56...€150
Michael    Carroll    M65+    1    Country Club    4:27:58...€150

Pauline    Curley    Female    1    F45+    1    Tullamore harriers    2:48:49...€1000 & €200 time bonus
Angela    McCann    Female    2    F35+    1    3:10:05...€750
Laura    Rooney    Female    3    F35+    2    Millipore    3:15:49...€500

Siobhan    McHugh    F35+    3    Clonmel AC    3:19:27...€150
Ailbhe    Dempsey    F45+    2    3:24:43...€150
Les    Galvin    F55+    1    tralee terminators    4:07:19...€150
Terri    Gough    F65+    1    westwaterford a/c    5:23:25    757...€150

The full results of the Marathon can be found HERE

Peter    Somba    Male    1    1:07:04...€600
Sergiu    Ciobanu    Male    2    1:07:11...€300
Cillian    OLeary    Male    3    1:11:50...€150

Brian    Leahy    M35+    2    Raheny Shamrock A/C    1:12:12...€100
Tom    Walsh    M45+    1    BMOH    1:27:37...€100
Tommy    Madden    M55+    1    Marian    1:32:49...€100
Tadeusz    Rutkowski    M65+    1    1:35:11...€100

Aoife    Cooke    Female    1    Youghal AC    1:25:39...€600
Hannah    Fothergill    Female    2    Limerick AC    1:26:24...€300
Dena    Hogan    Female    3    1:29:24...€150

Maria    Carey    Female    F35+    1    Ennis Track AC    1:31:52...€100
Pat    Hartigan    Female    F45+    1    1:36:30...€100
Melissa    Savage    Female    F55+    1    1:44:33...€100

The full results of the Half-Marathon can be found HERE

6 mile...
Sean    Hehir    Male    1    Rathfarnham WSAF AC    30:28...€500
Declan    Moore    Male    2    33:13...€300
Bernhard    Ronning    Male    3    33:56...€150  

Catherina    McKiernan    Female    1    34:06...€500
Orla    Drumm        Female    2    34:06...€300
Siobhan    O doherty    Female    3    34:32...€150

The full results of the 6 mile can be found HERE

Photos...Updated 8th May
1) Paul Condon Photography has an album HERE
2) Peter & Rory Mooney have an album HERE 
3) Angles Photography have a gallery HERE


From I Love Limerick...

Start of the Half-Marathon

Video from the organisers...


Anonymous said...

now that im almost recovered i just wanted to say thank you to the people of limerick, once again, for the fantastic support along the route. it really is appreciated by us runners.
as for the organisers, considering this was a sell out race with everyone paying their fair share i thought a goody bag of a tiny pack of jellys and "wart cream" (for some weird reason) was a touch mealey.
Also i was a half marathon runner who was given a marathon medal and would be happy to swap with any marathon runner if they want

John Shier said...

I would love to swap with you I couldn't get a marathon medal because they were all gone

Anonymous said...

The finish was just unbelieveable in terms of chaos....I came in the top 300 for the half marathon and was told there was no more medals left!!!! There was over 2000 people in the half so that is just laughable. The stewards were mainly kids after the finish line and they didnt know anything about medals. There was an area where the medals were supposed to be handed out and nobody was there. We asked if we could speak to someone in charge but nobody kenw who was in charge. In the end after giving up I walked away (20mts) later and as I passed a table one of the kids handing out refreshments openned up a box under a table and found loads of medals!!! Paid enough for this event plus my stay the night before in Limerick and would have expected better. Would be very slow to come back next year. Will probably do the Bay run instead.

John Shier said...

It was my 1st marathon and I would love to have the correct medal for it, I still have my no to prove I did the marathon. Hopefully we can swap thanks

Eugene McDonough said...

I did the half, my medal says 'Marathon', happy to swap with someone who's medal has 'Half Marathon' on it, let me know, Eugene

Don said...

Hi i ran my first marathon ever on sunday and got no marathon medal (blue ribbon) when i asked i was handed a pink ribbon medal. I was devastated i would love to swap if anybody in the cork area could. Don

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the above comments. For the amount of money that was paid for the run a so called goody bag with a tiny pack of sweets and "wart cream" is just laughable. The people of limerick were great along the route as always but organising leaves a lot to be desired.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree, the organisation was pretty shabby. We saw a woman collaspe amd there was only two teenage stewards nearby who looked lost. Luckily there was an ambulance just down the road to help. The finish line was chaos....i had no idea wht was happening and as someone else said the goody bag was indeed a bit measley.....would love to see a big effort for next year to bring the quality but. Its a great event for Limerick and it can be even better

John Kissane said...

I found the organisers grand to deal with, last year they didn't have a t-shirt in my size but they posted me out a 2nd one in the right size a few weeks later.

Have you seen their post on FB?

We would like to apologies for the mix up at the finish line with the Marathon medals. We did have enough medals for all Marathon finishers, however, some were handed out in error to the Half Marathon. We are ordering more and in the process of replying to all Facebook comments and emails. If you did not get one we will post one out to you if you send us a message. We apologies again to you all for this mix up but we will get it sorted

Eugene McDonough said...

Hi Don, I'll swap with you. Ping me an email to and we'll sort something out.


Don said...

Thanks Eugene i got sorted your a gent...

Killian devlin said...

I was a back marker, I got a marathon medal, proper fitting tshirt and plenty of fruit and water after the race. No complaints here. The citizens were out in force in all classes of society.

Take a bow Limerick. I hope those that didn't get medals are sorted. I would be crushed if I didn't get a medal after the 26.2. In defence of the stewards (some being kids) they were all needed, , but no doubt lessons learned will be reviewed and a resolution created for next year.