Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tipperary...Charity Mountain Running Event - Sun 11th Jan 2009

The main event in Munster next Sunday is of course the Mallow 10 mile road race. If however you are not doing it, you might consider this charity event. Not exactly road running ;o) but Slievenamon is a stunning spot on a clear day. Here is the info as sent to me.......

"A new year, a new mountain-running season! And what better way to start things off than with a charity race up and down Slievenamon. This mountain is in County Tipperary and stands near Clonmel at 721 metres (the race will climb only 591 metres of that!). Situated at the western end of a range of low hills , Slievenamon is a striking conical mass, offering a dramatic view from the top over the counties of Tipperary , Kilkenny and Waterford .
The mountain has its fair share of Irish legends . The mountain is said to have got its name from the ancient fairy women or Feimhin , who enchanted a warrior named Fionn mac Cumhaill and his followers. Another legend tells how Fionn decided to choose his bride from a group of women racing to the top to meet him sitting at the top of Slievenamon. The first to reach the summit was GrĂ¡inne , a figure who would become notorious in Irish folklore because of her exploits with the hero Diarmuid .
So if you are a would-be GrĂ¡inne or a wanna-be Fionn, now’s your chance – on Sunday 11 th January at 1:00pm, an 8km race for charity and organized by the Munster Region of the Irish Mountain Running Association takes place. The course starts in the picturesque village of Kilcash near Clonmel . For more information contact Tom Blackburn on 087 6994976 - he cannot guarantee any proposals or engagements but is committed to organising a safe and enjoyable event!
Mountain Running, also known as "hill running" or "fell running" is a sport which keeps growing every year. It caters for every type of runner from fun runner to dedicated international athletes. Races can vary from 3 to 44 kilometres and are run over of a variety of terrains from forest tracks to rough open mountain sides but all include a large elements of climb. Most races, but not all, involve running up and down, the down section is the specialised bit. Improvement and confidence comes with experience and the correct footwear. The only specialised equipment you need is the footwear. Normal road running shoes are not suitable for descending. A good idea is to come along to a race with whatever shoes you have, take it easy coming down and ask the regulars to see their shoes. Most runners use fell running shoes, these have rubber studs. A popular brand of these are "Walshes" or "Inov-8s" and are most commonly bought on-line but try someone else's first for size as they can be narrower than other shoes. Trail running shoes are becoming very popular. They are a compromise between grip and shock absorption. Salomon, Asics, PUMA, and Adidas do good trail shoes. Under good conditions mountain running is done in shorts and a flow top but race organisers can insist on full body protection and/or waterproofs. For more information on mountain running and upcoming events see the> Irish Mountain Running Association website at "

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