Friday, September 7, 2012

Athletic Clubs in Tipperary by size...Aug 2012

A few days ago, Athletics Ireland released their figures for club membership. What they show is that in the last 15 months since May 2011, the number of adults in athletic clubs in Tipperary has increased from 466 to 899, a huge rise of 93%. In fact, no other county of a similar size has grown so much. Many have grown by 20 to 50% but only Tipperary has gone way beyond that.

These are the athletic clubs in Tipperary with more 10 or more adult members...

The stats reveal that the huge growth in Tipperary numbers are mainly due to three clubs...
1) Clonmel AC have gone from 58 to 245 members in just 15 months to become the largest club in the county. This was no doubt due to a very active Fit4Life programme which attracted a lot of new members.
2) Thurles Crokes AC more than doubled their numbers going from 69 to 144 adult members.
3) Templemore AC is another club than have gone from a small base of 26 members to 130, a huge increase.

In terms of adult membership of athletic clubs and the size of the available population, Tipperary is  percentage wise second only to Galway in the number of adult members. While it's probably unlikely that there will be the same level of growth in Tipperary in the next 15 months, the current club numbers are still at a very healthy level.

Notice...some clubs have a large number of Fit4Life members, some are more into track and field, some are more focused on other specific areas. The figures don't say or suggest which club is best, just which club happens to have the most adult members....although it is probably fair to say that if a club has a lot of members then it must be doing something right.


Anonymous said...

No figures for one of Tipperary's larger clubs - Dundrum A.C.?

John Desmond said...

Sorry, my mistake. Dundrum AC now added to the graph. They have 34 adult members as of Aug 2012, 8th largest in Tipperary. They had 27 back in May 2011.

Paudie said...

Good to see Templemore increasing in numbers. Lot of adult runners I believe in the last year. They have an amazing running track in the town park.