Saturday, September 1, 2012

Results of the Dingle Marathon...Sat 1st Aug 2012

Half-Marathon results...Provisional...HERE

Marathon results.....Provisional.......HERE

Ultra-Marathon results.....Provisional.....HERE


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to John Meade on winning the half for the third year in succession, fantastic running, maith thú a Sheáin!

DGM said...

Lovely atmosphere, lovely route, the breeze was...interesting at times. The only flaw (there's always one) I had with it is that it would have been nice if the pacers were in place well before the queue had formed. Not 2mins before the start. Ok, I have only myself to blame by staring too far back (haven't quite mastered my start off position) so there was a bit of cacthing up to do to find the pacers I wanted to be in front of.
Well done to all involved especially to the full and ultra runners who had to deal with the half finishers passing them out sitting in their comfy bus seats for the second half.

Anonymous said...

i would like to echo the previous comments regarding the pacers. All the runners were in place with about 5mins to go and the pacers then decided to get in position. It caused a lot of confusion and frustration as everybody tried to get into their correct places.

John Desmond said...

The pacers were late getting in position due to the fact that the person looking after the balloons had tied them all together. The result was that all the knots had to be sorted out before the pacers could get their balloons.