Friday, September 7, 2012

Athletic Clubs in Waterford by size...Aug 2012

A few days ago, Athletics Ireland released their figures for club membership. What they show is that the numbers of adults in athletics clubs have increased in all 26 counties except one...Waterford. In May 2011, some 502 adults were members of athletic clubs in the county of Waterford. By August 2012, it had dropped to 463 adults, a drop of 8%.

These are the athletic clubs in Waterford with more than 10 adult members...

1) West Waterford AC are now the biggest club in Waterford with 209 adult members, an increase of 14% on the May 2011 figure of 183.
2) A big drop in Waterford AC numbers with a 35% decline from 213 to 138 adult members in just 15 months.
3) The remaining three clubs all recorded small increases in membership.

The two big clubs of course are West Waterford AC and Waterford AC. The numbers in West Waterford AC are remarkable in that they exceed the other two city based clubs combined. The main town in West Waterford is Dungarvan with a population of some 8,000 people. The other two clubs based in Waterford City have a population base of 47,000 to draw on yet they are significantly smaller. It does suggest however that with the current running boom, there is plenty of potential for the clubs in the east of the county to pick up new members if they want to.

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