Friday, April 26, 2013

Limerick...Results of the Jacinta O'Brien 10k - Sun 21st Apr 2013

It took a number of days for the results of this race to appear. They are possibly the worst set of results I have ever seen produced for any race.

This is the format that they were released in...

Number    Time
805    00:34:05.02
807    +00:00:28.98
761    +00:00:36.44
573    +00:01:13.52
200    +00:02:01.20

The person wearing 805 finished first in a time of 34m 05s. All the other results are listed with just the race number and the time behind the winner.

The problem with results like this is that many people will have thrown away their race bib by the time the results came this case, three days later. People also like to see how they got on relative to other people they know and what times they did.

Producing basic results is a very simple process. It can be as simple as...

It costs nothing to do up a decent set of results, just someones time. The results that were released have all the hallmarks of someone who couldn't be bothered to make a half-decent effort.

Roughly 240 people paid €20 each to enter this event. They deserve to see a proper set of results. It was done in 2012, why not this year?


Anonymous said...

25 euros and YES its a disgrace ....Only for the charity I wouldn't be running this race again

Anonymous said...

I like to support the students who organise the race as part of their degree but they should do it properly or otherwise people won't continue to support the race.

Anonymous said...

people were worse to do it

Anonymous said...

This was organized by second year students in UL sport science, who once the race wad finished didn't give a f**k, terribly run

Anonymous said...

Other than the timing list which has been corrected as per suggestion from a race participant, what aspects of the race organisation of the day as a whole were "terribly run"? Can you elaborate on aspects of the race which you found to be insufficient and can be improved upon for next year's race in order to improve runner's experience and overall event cohesion