Sunday, July 15, 2012

Results of the Killarney Maxi/Half Marathon & 10k - Sat 14th July 2012

A total of 1,222 runners took part in this years Run Killarney event in Kerry. Despite the threat of rain, it never really got bad and the conditions were ok for the three races. The Maxi-Marathon attracted a field of 292 runners while the Half-Marathon had 339. Both races started slightly late up near Molls Gap and this probably resulted in those runners merging with the 10k runners a bit too late. If the 10k race had started say 5 minutes later, it would probably have made a big difference.

 Michael Healy Rae TD gets proceedings under way...

15 Mile Maxi-Marathon (292 Runners)
1 Simon Morgan    01:28:15    Senior    Male
2 Donal White    01:29:27    Senior    Male
3 Joe O CONNOR    01:31:02    Senior    Male
4 Niall COLLINS    01:32:12    40-49    Male
5 Darragh CANAVAN    01:33:25    Senior    Male

1 Fiona DEVANE    01:42:25    Senior    Female
2 Breeda LYNCH    01:42:40    Senior    Female
3 Ann CASHMAN    01:49:30    Senior    Female
4 Una PLANT    01:49:54    40-49    Female 
5  Charlotte KEARNEY    01:51:39    Senior    Female

Half-Marathon (339 runners)
1 Shane MULLANEY    01:14:05    Senior    Male 
2 Carl LYONS    01:20:37    Senior    Male
3 David MAHER    01:21:45    Senior    Male
4 Patrick NOLAN    01:22:13    Senior    Male
5 Seamus MURPHY    01:24:52    40-49    Male 
1    Liz HUSSEY    963    Senior    Finish    01:25:44
2    Maura REGAN    1051    Senior    Finish    01:26:52
3    Vivienne FENTON    952    Senior    Finish    01:28:35
4    Caitriona BARRY    720    40-49    Finish    01:30:08
5    Ciara BOURKE    837    Senior    Finish    01:31:49

 Liz Hussey from Limerick...Winner of the 2012 Run Killarney Half-Marathon...

10k (591 runners)
1 Paul STEPHENSON    00:33:53
2 Donal O'CALLAGHAN    00:33:58
3 Derek GRIFFIN    00:39:31
4 Brendan LYNCH    00:39:45
5 Jason MOLONEY    00:39:57
1 Aoife O'CONNOR     00:39:51
2 Irma VAN RIJSWIJCK    00:42:48
3 Mairead MASON    00:42:49
4 Noreen MACKEY    00:43:22
5 Maura GINTY    00:44:13

The results of all 3 races can be seen HERE

Some photos can be seen HERE

Opinions??? So what did you think of the race? What about the races merging? Leave a comment below...


Anonymous said...

It was a good race but disappointed as i was put in 3rd place when i should have been 2nd place on d result sheet

Anonymous said...

The route was brilliant infairness great atmosphere and crowd, but the delay at the start of the maxi was a joke which meant when we caught up with the 10 k runners it was like cross country running to get passed them. It was off putting having to have to weave passed all the slower runners on a 1 metre path. Maybe ye should have held the start of the 10k when the maxi start was delayed .

Just Wondering said...

Why is there a question mark where the time should be shown on the Half Marathon
result for the runners who finsihed 1st, 4th & 5th?

Anonymous said...

This was my 2nd yr running the Killarney races and i was enjoying the 1/2marathon up until after mile 9.I had 4 runners in my sights but as soon as we met the 10k runners my race was over.all of a sudden instead of chasing i was trying to get past people along with people wearing headphones which are dangerous and shouldnt be allowed and people walking 3 abreast which wasnt really fair to the runners in the 15mile and 1/2marathon.I dont want to be too down on the organisers because it was their 1st yr with all 3 races and they have improved various things for the better from last yr{water bottles were perfect}but for next yr they should think about starting the 10k maybe around9.30 or 10 oclock and making sure dat the 15mile and 1/2marathon start reasonably on time not 8.20.Overall i will be back next year baring injury and i hope the organisers take some of mine and other peoples ideas on board and make the race even better next year

Anonymous said...

my first time doing this but not sure ill ever fancy doing it again - being left at the top of molls gap in the wind and rain a full hour and twenty-five minutes prior to start time....crazy....

Anonymous said...

Good race. Few small issues they need to Iron out but they did a good job since it was the first year of the 3 races.
The 10K situation was a disaster, probably lost about a minute or so trying to get around the slower runners/walkers!
I have to say I think I prefered the old route from last year. The fact the 15 mile people had to account for running around horses and carts on the extra 2 mile loop surely is a big sign that they need to change it back (or just get the horses off the course)

Anonymous said...

This was my 3rd year running the 15 miler, and the least enjoyable of the 3,Scenary and views fantastic and a great group of runners, full of chat and craic at the start ,Bad points - we were an hour and 15 minutes at the start area in the drizzle ,not sure why? coming in to the park we had to weave through people walking/ slow jogging the 10k on a very narrow track and unaware that there were people beind them trying to get past in a hurry , on the way back in for the 15 mile runners to have to turn off the track with the finish line almost in sight to do the extra miles was a bit annoying and then you end up crossing the finish line after 15 miles with someone who has jogged/ walked a 10k, seems to have lost the felling of all being in it together that I liked from the first two years, you are trying to milk to much out of the race and taking away what was good in it,go back to the origional format, a 15 miler , run a 10k around the park later in the day if you like and scrap the half as all it does is give people who are able to run 15 an easy option,if there was no half they would all have run the 15 miler anyway so you would not lose out on income , you can try and please everyone with 3 races like Sat or have a classic that people come back to year after year
because its unique

Anonymous said...

Dropping people at the start line too early, we were there an hour and 20 minutes, trying to get past slow 10k joggers and horses and carts in the park near the end was no fun and crossing the finish line after killing yourself for 15 miles next to somone who slow jogged a 10k kind of takes the good out of it, my third time doing the event and least enjoyable, go back to the unique event that was becoming a classic , these 3 event in one runs turn into just 3 poor events rather than one good one

Anonymous said...

I also enjoyed the 15 mile course up until we came off the road and onto the track where we met a sea of 10Km runners who were 1 to 2Km into their run. Completely lost track of the other 15 mile runners who were ahead of me. Had to dart in and out of the slower 10Km runners who left little room for the longer distance runners to get around them. I think this was caused by the longer run starting 20 mins late. The 10Km start should have been delayed until most of the 1/2 Mararathon & 15 Milers were gone ahead. Better still, the longer race should have started on time. Could have done with a few more porta-loos at Molls Gap. Very happy with number of water stops.

Anonymous said...

I have to say it was enjoyable if you can call 15 miles that but like other posters have said, waiting an hour & a half in the rain & cold was no joke at 7am.Lovely scenery,good banter among the runners but they should ditch the half as people will do the 15 miles anyway as theres plenty half's around to do but not many 15's.There was plenty water stations which was great but someone would want to tell the guys to take the plastic tops off & pull up the nozzle as its a pain in the ass when you have sweat running down your face/hands & youre getting cranky - a small thing but worth a lot when youre getting tired.The 10k runners/walkers were a bit of a hindrance at times but in fairness the path was very narrow in places & the 20 mins delay didnt help but they could look at doing a more staggered start so they dont meet as much - it was the first year that they had 3 races so I'd imagine that will be ironed out by next year.I was a struggling 10k runner myself for a while so I've only got words of encouragement for anyone doing one for the first time & after a few they will know the do's & the dont's of moving to the sides & leaving the elite/faster runners pass, in fairness its not too often that you see a 15mile/ half getting tangled up in a 10k but as I said above I think they will have that one figured out by next year.Jesus the midgets were bad in Muckross in the morning, i think we were better off up in the Gap in the cold & rain LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

It was a good race up until the 9th mile was well on target for what i had aimed for but the last four miles were a disaster when we merged with the 10km joggers/walkers trying to weave and get around them which resulted in me being nearly 3mins outside what i had hoped for disappointing after alot of training, but otherwise enjoyed the run and will be back again nxt year :-)

Anonymous said...

I did the half this year, 15 last year. I prefered last year without the 10km runner/walkers at the end, maybe if they were told at their start to leave half the path free for the longer races, most of them probable don't even realise, as they are slaying their own demons. The lids on the water bottles were a bit annoying, but thats only a little thing. Really need more loos at Moll's and start the race on time as it is cold up there. Stunning views and I will do it again, but would get annoyed if there are not changes made next year