Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Traffic to the Running in Munster site hits a new peak in May...

This post is a little bit overdue! ;o)

The Running in Munster website recorded a new high in the number of visitors with 12,101 hits during the month of May 2012.

The site started back in 2008 and at first, it operated as a bit of a spillover from the main website, the Running in Cork blog. That site started in late 2006 and it became   obvious from early on that interest in road races for runners in Cork doesn't necessarily end at the border of the county! If someone lives in say East Cork then they are as likely to be interested in races in Co.Waterford as they are in Co.Cork.

At first, I used to put up the results of the occasional race but soon, I noticed that a lot  of race results were scattered across a large number of small websites and were hard to find. In fact, some races didn't seem to put their results anywhere so that people could see them. So as time went on, I kept adding race results until now when the site has fixtures and results for nearly every race in Munster. The calendar used on this site is currently the most accurate and detailed calendar for races in the  Munster region.

At present, this website with roughly 10k hits per month is probably the second largest running related website in Munster after the Running in Cork site.

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