Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Limerick...Results of the Ballylanders 10k Fun Run - Sun 30th Dec 2012

Please note that these are the only results available.

Times of First 10 in the 10k run are as follows:
1st Mike Cunningham (No.15) 37:10,
2nd Stuart Moloney (No.4) 38:29,
3rd Mark Daly (No.9) 39:30,
4th Michael Murphy (No.51) 40:26,
5th Tom Blackburn (No.) 41:01,
6th Liam Sheehy (No.6) 46:20,
7th Mike Hayes (No.11) 46:26,
8th Mike Cussan (No.52) 46:50,
9th James Kirby (No.59) 47:38,
10th Thomas O Callaghan (No.1) 48:12.

First Lady home was Catherine O Sullivan 49.26

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