Friday, January 4, 2013

Dungarvan Evening League...Every Wed 9th Jan to 20th Feb 2013

West Waterford AC hold a winter league in the town of Dungarvan every winter. Now in it's 19th year, the race has featured before on the Nationwide programme on RTE 1. The remaining races in the league are on Wednesday evenings at 7:20pm on the 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th of January and the 6th, 13th and 20th of February.

On each night, they have a choice of two routes....a short 2.5 mile route and a longer 5.7 mile route.

These runs are suitable for runners of all abilities, especially those starting out. Registration is at the Dungarvan Sports Centre.

Details from the organisers....
You may choose between the short route which is 2.5 miles and the long route which is 5.75 miles. Naturally we would encourage all newcomers to running to opt for the short route and then if they feel comfortable with that they may then move to the long run. We will be at the centre from 6.45 p.m. onwards for registration so get there in plenty of time for the first night as the clock will start at 7.20 pm sharp. At 7.20 when everyone has their number which must be worn on the front of your reflective bib, the clock will start and all runners will be starting together for the first night. Our advice to you for the first night is not to go off too fast, just concentrate on your own run and if you have never ran before just jog a bit and walk a bit and before you know it you will have finished. The aim is to improve a little each week. Even if you can’t make tonight just come along any night that you can, it’s never too late to join.

If you already have a number then when you arrive at the centre tonight go upstairs and register at the desk on the right. The fee will be €2 for members of West Waterford and €3 for non-members. When you have registered go down into the hall and when called head out to the front door. All those doing the short route will start together for the first night as will all those doing the long route. Don’t forget to bring your number with you tonight and to wear your reflective bib, luminous jackets are not enough they MUST be reflective, they can be bought in the All-Rounder and runners will not be permitted to run without a proper reflective bib, no exceptions.

For those who have yet to register, aim to be at the centre before 7 as there will be plenty looking to register. Go upstairs and go to the desk on the left. You must fill out a form with your details and you will be issued with your number which you wear every night of the league. The fee will be €7 for members of West Waterford and €8 for non-members and from then on it will just be €2 or €3, depending on whether you are a member or not.

1.      All runners must wear reflective bibs, luminous jackets or tops are not sufficient for running in the dark. It is part of the club’s health and safety policy that all runners wear reflective gear so please obey this rule. Proper reflective bibs can be bought at the All-Rounder shop and we will be strictly reinforcing this rule.
2.      You must wear your number at the front of your bib as your number will be recorded as you cross the line and we can then work out your time. Please pin your number either above or below the reflective strip on your bib, pinning your number on the reflective strip will mean that you will not be visible to traffic.
3.      Watches, headphones, ipods or MP3 players are strictly forbidden. You must be able to hear the instructions of the stewards and you also need to be able to hear the traffic from all directions, there will be no exceptions to this rule. Stewards will take note of your number and we will know who you are, please don’t let this happen.
4.      You must register each week upstairs at the desk on the right with the proper fee.
5.      When you reach the finish line, just cross the line and stay in position. Your number must be recorded twice so please stay in position until you reach the stairs at the back of the centre.
6.      A box will be available for you to leave your keys in while you run and your keys will be available for collection at the top of the stairs after you finish your run-keys are left at your own risk and no responsibility will be accepted for misplaced keys.
7.      You may change from the short route to the long route and vice-versa as long as you tell us; we will issue with a new number but please let us know as it will distort the results otherwise.
8.      Keep an eye out in the weekly papers for regular updates on the league especially regarding starting times which will vary from week to week so we will keep you informed via the weekly papers as well as on our own website
9.       From week 2 onwards, everyone will have different starting times and you must go at the time given for you. Please respect that with over 300 runners at any given night that everyone must go at their allotted time.

There are ample parking spaces available at Scanlon’s yard, Strand Street and also at the look out. Each of these is only a short distance from the sports centre. We also ask that you refrain from parking in front of anyone’s house.

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