Monday, January 26, 2009

Waterford...Results of the 'Kiely Monumental Colligan Cup' - Sun 25thJan 2009

This was an unusal race in that the winner was the person that was closest to their predicted time and it was run off road in Colligan Woods.
The results can be seen HERE and a race report can be seen HERE.

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John Dunphy said...

Hi John,

Really enjoyed this event yesterday except for the very bad down pours,it was basically 3 and a half laps of running in the wood and on the road to complete the 5 mile course.The clock was started at 56 minutes and runner's took off when it reached their predicted time to complete the course.It was tough waiting for the clock to count down as i was going to go at 31.10 my predicted time but it was lashing out of the heavens and i decided to go at 35.00 minutes instead which turned out a bad move as as i ended up 4.09 over the predicted 35.00,im afraid i just don't know how to run 7 minute miles anymore (Not a bad thing)well done to West Waterford on a great event and look forward to going there again next Sunday for the Dugarvan 10 which promise's to be a great event.

John Dunphy
Midleton Ac.