Thursday, January 29, 2009

Weather forecast for the Dungarvan 10 - Sun 1st Feb

With 24 hours to go, the weather forecast is now more accurate. It now looks like it might be a nice day after all. Dry and bright but very cold, in fact a bit like last year. The prediction is that a weak cold front will cross over early on the day. The temperature will down around 4-5 deg C and there is likely to be a strong easterly breeze coming in off the sea. This may be a factor in the 2nd half of the race as you run back towards the town. The main impact however is that it is likely to feel very cold on the day.

Met Eireann predict the following..."Tomorrow will be cold and mainly dry, with sunny spells. Remaining rain in the west will clear early in the morning and a few wintry showers will affect eastern coastal areas as the day progresses. Top temperatures will range from 3 to 7 degrees and fresh to strong easterly winds will make it feel a lot colder."

Current best guess.......bright, dry but very cold when you are exposed to the wind.

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Anonymous said...

when and where will the results from timming chips be posted from todays dungarvan 10