Sunday, February 1, 2009

Results of the Dungarvan 10 Mile Road Race - Sun 1st Feb 2009

The weather was more or less exactly what was predicted.......cold with a bitter Easterly breeze. Not so bad once the race got started but it was really felt once you turned that sharp corner out around the 5.5 mile mark and you were more or less running into it until near the finish.

First of all, before I say anything about photos and results, I really have to compliment West Waterford AC on putting on a great race today. Changing the race venue from the Crystal Sports Centre to the Dungarvan Sports Centre was a great success. There was loads of parking outside, plenty of space in the hall and you could see the result. As soon as you entered the hall, you could see where everything was. Loads of room for entries, the goodie bag/t-shirt distribution was vastly better than last year and those young girls at the desks there did a fantastic job.
Same story after the race with the refreshments.......plenty on offer and well organised.

As for the course changes, I thought they were for the better. The start was on a road that was very wide and even though there were 800+ people there, it somehow felt less. There seemed to be plenty of room for you to get going. As for the finish, again, I thought it was a huge improvement. Last year, people that had finished the race had to cross the path of others who were finishing and frankly, it was dangerous. With the new finish this year, everything was cordoned off..........a huge improvement.

Perhaps other runners experience might be different but I'd find it hard to suggest how they could improve this race (......except maybe put up a big hedge to block the wind ;o). If you want to comment on the race, use the Comment link below.

Here are the final results. Updated 2pm, Thurs 5th Feb. It now looks as if most of the gaps have been filled and these are the official results. They had 895 finishers, just 5 short of the 900 mark. Note that the results are a bit on a big side so if you don't have a broadband connection, they may take a while to download.

Here are the category results...

1 S Bralitis (West Waterford) 51:36; 2 M Herlihy (North Cork) 52:25; 3 C Merritt (Carraig na bhFear) 53:21; 4 J Eves (DSD) 54:03; 5 R Zakis (West Waterford) 55:07; 6 C Marshall (St Finbarrs) 55:24; 7 E Scully (DSD) 55:27; 8 C O’Connell (St Finbarrs, M45) 55:33; 9 J O’Connor (Riocht) 55:41; 10 S Simcox (Mallow) 56:16.
M40: 1 M O’Connell (Sligo) 56:50; 2 N O’Regan (Midleton) 59:18; 3 V Neumerzhitskiy (Clonmel) 59:42.
M45: 2 M McCarthy (West Waterford) 59:44; 3 N Curtin (Youghal) 60:20.
M50: 1 S Griffin (Tralee Hrs) 56:47; 2 L Lacey (St Josephs) 60:26; 3 P Murphy (Eagle) 63:333.
M55: 1 J Gough (West Waterford) 62:03; 2 P Twomey (Eagle) 64:51; 3 M Tobin (Grange-Fermoy) 65:12.
M60: 1 TJ Beatty (Loughrea) 74:16; 2 M Carroll (Limerick CC) 77:38; 3 C O’Driscoll (unatt) 79:15.
M65: 1 M Neville (Tullamore) 75:38; 2 J O’Regan (Slaney Oly) 81:27; 3 P Gaffney (Mallow) 83:35.
Junior Declan Power West Waterford AC 59.14
Wheelchair: 1 J Forde (Blarney-Inniscarra) 68 points
Teams.........1st Dundrum South Dublin (68 points)1. Evan Scully (7th) 55.272. Mark Conway (16th) 57.053. Eoin McCormack (45th) 59.48
2nd West Waterford A.C. (104 points)1. Sean Stilwell (24th) 58.562. Padraig Healy (29th) 58.513. Michael Dunford (51st) 60.28
3rd Sliabh Bhride Rovers (141 points)1. Paul Gibbons (46th) 59.502. Bernard Fortune (47th) 59.503. Willie Rossiter (48th) 60.13
Women: 1 R Ryan (Bilboa) 57:27; 2 P Curley (Tullamore, F35) 58:51; 3 M Dorney (Thurles Crokes) 61:21; 4 C McCarthy (St Finbarrs) 62:01; 5 A McCann (Clonmel, F35) 63:14; 6 P Lambe (Tullamore) 64:15.
F35: 3 B Cooke (Waterford) 66:04.
F40: 1 D Compton (Dundrum) 69:49; 2 D Ryan (Raheny) 69:52; 3 S Drennan (Midleton) 72:36.
F45: 1 M Sweeney (St Finbarrs) 67:37; 2 T Tuohy (Bilboa) 69:27; 3 M O’Keeffe (Youghal) 70:39.
F50: 1 L Brennan (Sligo) 64:34; 2 A Fitzgerald (Waterford) 70:21; 3 B Kelly (GCH) 75:44.
F55: 1 M Barry (Midleton) 85:48.
F60: 1 C O’Regan (Slaney Oly) 90:10; 2 M Dunne (Grange-Fermoy) 94:39; 3 T Gough (West Waterford) 1:41:04
Junior Tara Roche West Waterford AC 95.30
Team West Waterford AC 27 points Corinna Walsh 5th , SineƔd Crotty 7th and Norma Wall 15th .

Paudie Birmingham of Mallow AC has very kindly put up a set of 415 photos on his photo gallery. There are some excellent ones at the roundabout near the finish. You get to see who was just behind you in the race, a view that you normally never get to see. Paudie also has a blog with photos of several other races as well.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the race. It was my very first race and big congrats to how West Waterford AC ran the day very efficient will be back to compete in it again.


John Dunphy said...

Hi John,

I totally agree this race was a great success and it was wonderful to see so many runners attend it. West Waterford Ac put so much time and effort into making this a better race and full marks to them it sure was,they can go home this evening with a very big smile on their face's and feel proud because this race is going to become huge in the next few years because the course,facilities and organisation of the whole event was fantastic.Thanks to all the stewards,organiser's,and everyone else that helped for a wonderful race.

John Dunphy
Midleton Ac

Anonymous said...

A starting line would have been useful to make sure of an accurate time which is probably more important to experienced runners...Its the basic requirement of any race, but probably easy enough to forget something basic like that... otherwise, chip timing is pretty pointless except for placings etc. and faster processing of results... which didn't appear to be any faster anyway even with the awkward chips that lots of people remarked on... never saw those chips in any Marathons or other timed races I have ran before...

The race wasn't a "fast course" as it was promoted to be by certain people... it was possibly even slower than Mallow and Ballycotton courses with all its undulations early on where its hard to get a rhythm, ...despite the wind yesterday...
Goody bag... I went to the table and just got given a t-shirt...
Other than that u can see they're making a great effort to make it a good race for people who are volunteering its a very good effort.... just some finer points from an older experienced runner.

hopefully helpful criticism will be appreciated alongside the praise...

Anonymous said...

Excellent job West Waterford A.C., well done!!

Would also like to say, I got a flyer in my goodie bag advertising a half marathon in Wexford on 19th April. My eyes nearly fell out of their sockets when I saw the entry fee is €48. Has County Wexford escaped the recession? And with such a high entry fee their was no mention of a charity either!

Also the flyer states the entries are limited to a 1,000 places. They will be lucky to get 100 entries with that price. Anyone else agree that €48 is a ridiculous entry fee price? I certainly won't be attending the race with that fee.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I agree the organisers did a smashing job, it was a great event. I really enjoyed the course despite the cold wind. Was it just me or did it feel like we were running downhill almost all the time! Just wondering if any gear turned up at the end of the race, does anyone know a good person to contact? I'm trying to track down a pair of running gloves.


Anonymous said...

Second year in a row running Dungarvan 10 and again a most enjoyable race, fantastic effort by West Waterford, very friendly, well run club,

A Cork man

Anonymous said...

goody bags were given at the same table as the t-shirts, you should have asked. I thought the course was fast, i ran it 4 mins faster than my Mallow time! As for a painted start line, how many people further back than the first row would have actually been able to see it? Thought the organisation yesterday was fantastic, stewards by the dozen at every point! don't know if three water stations were even necessary, but were welcome anyway! I thought the set up at the finish line was excellent, enough space for people to spectate and not be in the way of runners. My only gripe was the fairly long hike back to the hall in that bitter wind! Many thanks to West Waterford AC. Mallow was my first 10 mile race, Dungarvan my second and both have been very positive experiences. Elaine

Grellan said...

Very well organised race and a credit to West Waterford.

In relation to the Kilnaboy 10 on the 12th April I notice that it's on the same day as Munsters clash with Ospreys at Thomond park. This will make it very difficult for all those travelling to Kilnaboy from south Munster and may deter quite a few.