Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Athletic Clubs in Clare by size...May 2013

Athletics Ireland recently released some stats showing the size of athletic clubs in Co.Clare...

As can be seen above, the inclusion of juveniles make the Ennis based clubs some of the largest.

Going on the assumption that only a small number of adults in a club will be coaching juveniles and the rest are probably involved in road and track events, these are the largest clubs in Co.Clare by adult members...

The largest is Marathon Club Ireland which has registered it's members through the Clare AAI. This represents only a percentage of the total membership of that club as many of it's members are already members of other AAI clubs and there was no need to register them through the Clare board.

The next two clubs Ennis Track AC and BMOH AC continue to show strong growth. Both have increased their adult membership by just over 20% in the last 9 months. In May 2011, Ennis Track had 48 adult members. This increased to 63 in August 2012 and is now up to 77. BMOH AC based in Sixmilebridge is a new club having been only established in 2012. In August of that year, it already had 56 members and that has now increased to 68.

The next biggest club is Kilmurray/Ibrickane/N Clare AC. They have grown 15% since August 2012 but a lot of this was making up for a loss in numbers that year. In the two years since May 2011, they have grown 10%.

The remaining clubs have remained more or less static. St.John's AC have doubled their adult members in the last 9 months but they were coming from a very low base.

Only clubs with 10 or more adult members are shown.

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