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Race notice...Anglesboro 10k road race - Fri 28th June 2013

The first race in the Ballyhoura Limerick Road Race Series gets underway on Friday, the 28th of June with the Anglesboro 10k road race.

Located in the SE of Co.Limerick, this race is only about 6 miles or 10 kms to the north of Mitchelstown and is within easy access...

From the organisers......Athletics....There is a long and proud tradition of athletics in the 20 mile radius of the Galtee Mountains and in particular around Anglesboro. John Flanagan from the Martinstown Kilmallock area broke his own world record in the Olympic Games in London and was presented with a gold medal in 1908 as an American hammer thrower in the early days of Olympic Games. Also from the area was James J.Fahy (1880-1958) from Corderry, Galbally who in 1923 set a world record in the three standing jumps. He was known at the time as the Irish Kangaroo and his record remains unbroken to this day (40ft-3ins). He was a grand-uncle of the Race Series organiser Tom Blackburn from Galbally.

When the GAA was founded in 1884, it dealt with athletic events (track and field) as well.  In the very first year of the Association, there were only eight clubs affiliated to the Limerick County Board with Anglesboro being one of the first eight clubs. Pat McGrath from Lackendarra, Anglesboro, was a member of that club and he became the first Limerick man to win an all Ireland medal when he won the high jump and long jump at the all Ireland finals which were held in Tramore, Co. Waterford on 5th October 1885. He retained the high jump title in 1886 and was one of the Limerick delegates to the GAA annual congress in 1886 but little else is known about him. Another young man from Lackendarra, Anglesboro was J.J. Keane who gave a lifetime to the GAA and Athletics in particular. He left Anglesboro in 1880 and went to work in Dublin. In 1900, he was the All Ireland 120 yds Champion and helped found the N.A.C.A. (National Athletics and Cycling Association). He became it's president in the early 1920’s and was Ireland’s representative in the International Olympic Committee until 1952.  In the early 1920’s, he almost single handed got Ireland into the I.O.C. (International Olympic Committee). There was fierce opposition from America and Great Britain who were afraid that they would lose their Irish Athletes.

Sports always played a part in the life of Anglesboro with an Annual Sports Day held there every year until the mid 1960’s. These sports drew athletes from far and near. The commenced with a donkey derby from Annaslinga Cross to Anglesboro and also a cycle race from Mitchelstown to Anglesboro. They would also run a road race from Annaslinga to Anglesboro. These sports events were run by either the Liam Lynch Pipe Band of the Anglesboro Football Club. The day would finish with a dance held in the Club which was the highlight of the year. The Club is now Seamus and Mary Gordon’s home.  

Sports events are still a big part of Anglesboro where we have a walking group, cycle club, Community Games Committee.  There are cups named in memory of 10 sporting legends of the parish. There are two J.J. Keane Memorial Perpetual Cups which are presented to Premier County Under21 Football winners and 10k Road Race.  Anglesboro Community Council in conjunction with the Walking Club have succeeded in getting on the Ballyhoura 10k Road Race Series where the J.J. Keane Memorial Perpetual Cup will be presented to the first runner across the finish line on June 28th 2013.

More info about the race closer to the event...

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