Thursday, August 22, 2013

Breakdown of athletic clubs in Co.Clare by size...July 2013

After looking at the other counties in Munster, these final charts are for Co.Clare.

This one is for adult membership...
Marathon Club Ireland is the largest club but is a bit unusual in that it has members from all over Ireland but they just happen to be registered with Athletics Ireland through the Clare county board.
Ennis Track AC keep recording strong growth and are up 65% in the last two years.
BMOH AC based in Sixmilebridge are a new club and are already the third largest in the banner county.
Fergus AC have the unique distinction of being the only athletic club in Munster not to have any adult members despite the fact they have 43 underage athletes.

In terms of juveniles and juniors, these are the relative sizes of the various clubs in Clare...

Ennis Track AC are doing great things here with underage athletes and have doubled in size in the last year.
Marian AC who are based in Ennis as well are largely unchanged.
BMOH based in Sixmilebridge are a new club and have impressively come from nowhere to being the 3rd largest club in the county.

Data Source : Athletics Ireland

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