Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Breakdown of athletic clubs in Limerick by size...July 2013

Since starting the Running in Munster blog back in 2008, it soon became obvious that the county of Limerick was unusual in that there seemed to be a real shortage of road races in comparison to the other counties in the province.

In more recent years however, there has been a sharp increase in the number of races and the interest in road running has grown. The chart below shows the size of the various athletic clubs in Limerick based on their adult membership. As can be seen, the top three clubs have all recorded significant growth in the last two years and a lot of this is no doubt due to the extra number of races. In a sense, the clubs were 'too small' in the past for a county the size of Limerick and are now catching up with clubs in other counties.

This second chart shows the size based on membership by juniors & juvenile members...

It's probably no great suprise to see the three clubs based in Limerick City top the list.

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