Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Breakdown of athletic clubs in Kerry by size...July 2013

The chart below shows the size of athletic clubs in Kerry based on the number of adult members...i.e. seniors and masters.

1st...Gneeveguilla AC remain in first place despite losing a number of members this year. They had a very active beginners programme in Killarney in previous years which might account for the large numbers then.
2nd...Star of the Laune AC had a large influx of members last year which resulted in a massive rise in membership. Their numbers have dropped away in 2013.
3rd...An Ríocht AC based in Castleisland are growing steadily and now have 55 adult members, up 28% on last year.
4th...St.Brendan's AC based in Ardfert, N.Kerry make a big jump from 19 to 53 members.
5th...Tralee Harriers AC is a club more associated with track & field events than road races and they remain steady around the 40 mark.
6th...Likewise, Farranfore Maine Valley AC stay roughly the same.

In terms of club size based on the number of juvenile and junior members, this is the breakdown..

1st...Gneeveguilla AC are the largest club for underage athletes as well with 213 members.
2nd...Kenmare AC in the south of the county have a very active membership and are growing year on year.
3rd...Tralee Harriers show modest growth and are moving in the right direction.
4th...Lios Tuathail AC are based in Listowel in N.Kerry and have a significant number of members.

Of the remainder, Farranfore Maine Valley AC stand out as the one gaining new members with 93 underage members in 2013.

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