Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Breakdown of athletic clubs in Tipperary by size...July 2013

Athletic clubs in Tipperary have enjoyed a huge surge in adult membership in the last two years. One look at the chart below and comparing the yellow bars for 2011 and the blue bars for 2013 show the obvious difference.
Clonmel AC is one club that has gone under a dramatic transformation in the last two years. In May 2011, they had just 58 members. With a successful beginners programme and an evening series in Clonmel in the winter time, they are now up to 268 members.

In terms of club membership based on the numbers of juveniles and juniors, this is the breakdown...

Nenagh Olympic AC have a steady number of athletes year on year. In second place, Clonmel AC have shown a huge growth in their underage numbers as well. The remainder are mostly up on two years ago but some are down a bit on last year.

Data source : Athletics Ireland

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